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My experience with ThePowerMBA

Business Mar 27, 2023

Almost one year ago, I enrolled in ThePowerMBA as I was curious about pursuing an MBA but not really sure if I was “ready” for it.

Usually, an MBA is linked to a huge investment of time, energy, and money.
The one-year program consisting of 15-minute classes felt like a great alternative to a traditional MBA that I could pursue alongside my full-time job as a consultant. Worst case scenario: I would blow 1.000 Euros and learn that I was, in fact, not ready or the right person to pursue an MBA.

Throughout the program, I was positively surprised by the quality of the classes. Often they were presented by renowned entrepreneurs, executives, and authors directly connecting theory with real-life business scenarios. I have learned so many new concepts that I have trouble listing them all, but I often find ways to apply them to my professional and personal life. Even without the additional resources and bonus content, the program was definitely worth my time and money.

While I did not stick to the one-class-per-day model, having the classes available on-demand allowed me to integrate them into my life easily. Usually, I blocked one day of the week for the program to really focus on the content and reflect upon what I had just learned.

This flexibility is a two-edged sword, though. I love sitting in the same (physical) room with fellow students and having vivid discussions with my peers and professors. ThePower Business School offers digital platforms for students to interact with each other. Still, these could never replace the experience of an on-site study program - at least not for me.

My next step is an on-site part-time MBA program at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management starting in late September 2023. ThePowerMBA helped me make this decision and equipped me for my future professional and academic career.

If you are curious about ThePowerMBA and want to learn more from a recent alumnus, please contact me via LinkedIn.

Finally, here is my certification proving that I know what I am talking about. Also: I did not receive any compensation for making this post.


Nikolas Knickrehm

I am an IT consultant specializing in product management. My strong technical background allows me to drive innovation, balancing the needs of customers and the business with technical feasibility.