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Using Grammarly together with Ghost

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I recently discovered Grammarly which helps me to spell check my blog posts before publishing them. The regular spell checking provided by Ghost's Koenig editor does miss quite a few typos. Unfortunately, the Koenig editor with which Ghost is shipped is currently not compatible with Grammarly.

Using Grammarly together with Ghost

There is an ongoing discussion in the Ghost forum and on Github regarding this and one Github user came up with a simple hotfix. This fix is to remove the HTML attributes data-koenig-dnd-container and data-gramm from all tags connected to the editor. Doing this manually every time you open up the editor is a pain even if you prepared a code snipped to post in your browser console:

document.querySelectorAll('*').forEach((element) => {

Therefore, I wrote a little Add-On for Firefox, that adds a small Ghost icon to your toolbar. You also need to have the Grammarly Add-On installed and enabled in your browser.

Ghost Grammarly – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)
Download Ghost Grammarly for Firefox. Applies a fix to the Koenig editor of the Ghost CMS allowing Grammarly to work properly.

Clicking the Ghost will apply the fix to your editor in the current browser tab. This can actually take a few seconds due to Grammarly doing its magic behind the scenes so please be patient or just start writing - Grammarly should eventually show up. The fix itself is completely harmless for Ghost and your browser and will be gone as soon as you reload the page.

I decided to give the Add-On its own icon in your toolbar over a more hidden approach so that you can actively control when and where the fix should be applied. Maybe there are moments where you want to use the native spellchecking of the Koenig editor instead of Grammarly.

The icon I used for the plugin was not created by me. All the credit for it goes to Those Icons from

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